Vanga Blue Forest

Our new mangrove conservation project

We’re thrilled to have officially launched our new mangrove conservation project – Vanga Blue Forests!

Building on the success of the world’s first mangrove carbon offsetting project, Vanga is taking Mikoko Pamoja and scaling its success to a forest four times the size. That means more carbon locked in, more nature conserved and more community investment. This pioneering project sits on the Kenyan and Tanzanian border, and is a result of and testament to the success of Mikoko Pamoja. The project has received initial seed funding from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and we are seeking further support to help us scale this work over the next five years. 

Carbon credits from this project will first be available in late 2020, and until then we have much work to do in working with the local community, developing the science and ensuring that this new mangrove site is protected for future generations to come! 

Check-out the project page to find out more and support Vanga by donating below. 

Thank you for all your support!

ACES team


Mikoko Pamoja Impacts

Saplings Planted
Beneficial Households
Hectares Conserved
Metric tonnes CO2 stored

Mangroves and People

Our pioneering Mikoko Pamoja mangrove conservation project in Southern Kenya mitigates climate change, alleviates poverty and conserves critically endangered mangrove ecosystems.

Mikoko Pamoja won the UNDP Equator Prize in 2017, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our local teams and the beneficial villages over the past 5 years.

Through this award, our combined efforts were recognised by the Leonard DiCaprio Foundation, who have since granted us $50,000 in seed funding to scale this project to the Vanga mangrove coastal zone.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Our work and projects actively contribute to 10 out of the 17 UN SDGs

Funders & Clients


Recent Community Projects

Village Water

During a community Bazara, locals decided to prioritise the extension of community water projects in both local villages involved in Mikoko Pamoja.


A youth group decided to spend revenue earned through Mikoko Pamoja on creating a permaculture project to create a source of sustainable food within Makongeni Village.


A recent trial purchased several wood stoves to reduce the amount of wood needed for cooking, and in turn reduce the amount of mangroves trees used in this process.

Football Teams

The community project leaders decided that they would invest in creating football teams in each village and provide physical education for all children through funds earned by Mikoko Pamoja.


Both communities recently decided to buy new roofing for their primary schools to support kids and teachers in creating a welcoming and enjoyable local learning environment.

Surveillance Tower

The community recently built a watch tower to improve monitoring of the mangrove reserve and enforce its protection. 


Our Team

Robyn Shilland

Robyn coordinates the Mikoko Pamoja and Vanga projects, manages our finances and is responsible for delivering our project objectives in Kenya and the UK.

Mark Huxham

Mark steers the ship, liaising with our funders, conducting research and developing new projects such as Vanga.

Anita Ogilvie

Anita leads on all aspects of our governance, chairs the board of trustees and supports the development of our long-term strategy.

Lucas Ruzo

Lucas manages our carbon credit inventory, website and online advertising to develop new revenue streams, and oversees social media and client on-boarding.

Charlotte Leandri-Hayden

Charlotte supports all elements of operations, and with a background in graphic design is also leading on projects we're developing in the run up to COP26 next year.

Martin Skov

Martin develops & coordinates research projects and works with our BSc and MSc students to develop projects in Kenya and the UK.

Mwanarusi Mwafrica

Project Coordinator Vanga Project
Mwanarusi is our Vanga Project Coordinator and manages and coordinates all activities on the ground in Kenya to support the community, volunteers and project implementation.

Rahma Kivugo

Project Coordinator Mikoko Pamoja
Rahma is our Mikoko Pamoja Project Coordinator and manages and coordinates all activities on the ground in Kenya to support the communities in Gazi and Makongeni villagers, volunteers and project implementation.

Guided by Research


Working with locals

The success of our work is intimately tied to the people who lead on its delivery on the ground. People who live in towns around restoration sites, and researchers stationed in outposts dedicated to monitoring and evaluating progress over time. Explore some of our recent research in the menus to the right.


Climate Change

Our climate has changed significantly over the past century, driven by our insatiable appetite for economic development. This has meant that our weather systems have become more unpredictable, and that the climate as a whole is getting warmer. Explore some of our research to find out how protecting mangrove forests can help mitigate the impacts of these changes.


Mangroves & Seagrasses

Our work to conserve mangroves and seagrasses will form an increasingly important component of nature based solutions to mitigating climate change. Explore some of our latest research into how protecting these life support systems can benefit us all.